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As a new mom, I am experiencing so many things!  I thought this would be helpful for my tips and tricks on teething.  My daughter is 11 months old and just had her first teeth come in.  Its been a journey every parent goes through. 

Here are some teething symptoms to watch for in your little one:

  • Drooling
  • Grabbing ears
  • Rubbing face
  • Turning away from food
  • Irritability
  • A tooth visible on her gums
  • Swollen, red gums
  • Wants to bite or chew and suck on everything she gets in her hands

Babies start putting everything in their mouths at around 4 months. 

1. I gave my daughter a toothbrush for her to chew on. Giving them their very own toothbrush will allow them to gum on something that is meant to be put in their mouths.   

2. Next are wooden teethers. The un-dyed finish is perfect for families who are cautious in regards to chemicals.

3. Sofie the Giraffe is a must have! This toy is bendable, makes squeaky sounds, and is easy to grasp for babies to put into their mouths. 

4. Frozen washcloth.Its fairly inexpensive way to help baby. Wet a washcloth and place it in the freezer for 30 minutes or so, and then give it to baby. Most likely, the texture of the washcloth and the coldness of it will help soothe baby’s gums.

5. Teething Tablets. The active ingredients in these tablets are Chamomilla and Calcarea, which is supposed to help relieve irritability and teething discomfort. 

6. Amber Necklace. Amber is a natural pain-reliever, anti-inflammatory, and soother to the nervous system if it is worn against the skin.

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