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Traveling with Kids

When I get stressed, I get stuck on packing the obvious things like diapers, wipes, and clothes. Then, I often can’t think of what else is important.  Some things that you might not think to bring are sun screen, hand sanitizer, and diaper rash cream, among other items that may be unique to your baby.

Even though Pack’n’Plays are pretty easy to travel with, you still don’t want to lug one around with you if you don’t have to, especially if you’re flying.  Almost all hotels and most condos will have a crib available for you.  Be sure to request one in advance.

Will you have a chance to go to a convenience store at your destination?

    Don’t pack as many diapers.  Make sure you have more than enough to get to your destination, and then buy diapers there.  You will save so much precious cargo space!

    The Pockit stroller is amazing because it is super light and folds into a cube that can fit underneath a plane seat! This stroller has the best travel stroller design I have ever seen. 

    We brought baby ear protection muffs to help Alden nap, and they really did the trick. He normally startles so easily, but he slept so well with Baby Banz earmuffs that I seriously considered using them at home, too. Sleep is precious! Breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby during takeoff and landing to ease the ear pressure.

    Use a Baby Bjorn, sling, or another baby carrier when you go through security. You are required to take your baby out of the car seat or stroller so that TSA can check those items.  It helps so much to be hands-free while you’re carrying your baby through the hustle and bustle of security.

    Once you have everything ready to go, enjoy your trip.

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